While sorting through a pocket full of mixed coins and guitar picks at our common place of work, in search of correct change for a coffee, a guitar pick fell from the hand of now front-man Cory Colbourne and landed on the table. The interest of drummer Oleg (aka Sticks) was instantly peaked, a musical conversation was started, and TheOtherKrow seed was planted.

Cory, Sticks, Al and Billy, whom were all participants in that said conversion, decided to get together for a few jam sessions. It didn’t take long to realize how everyone clicked as musicians… Not just with our groove, but also with our interest in exploring many different kinds of music including Rock, Blues, Country, Folk and an East Coast spin.

After regular practices since early 2014, TheOtherKrow is actively playing for your entertainment in Ottawa and the Valley, with a mix of classics, traditional and even a few originals. The wide range of instruments that is presented throughout an afternoon or evening of entertainment go beyond our standard guitar, bass, drums and vocals, including harmonica, accordion, and maybe even a trumpet tune. When the atmosphere suites, you will even see some tambourines, spoons, Grandmother’s rolling pin and even a Newfoundland ugly stick, all of which will surely prompt some much welcomed patron participation.

TheOtherKrow has been commended by youth and elderly alike for our variety and capabilities to present such a mix that appeals to all ages and interests – thus our motto, “Something for Everyone “…

What is in a name? Well, for TheOtherKrow, it goes like this: After a hard, honest days work, when coming together for band practice, some thought was given to a band name. A temporary decision was made to call ourselves “Krow” – that is “Work” spelled backwards as, despite working hard to give each and every practice our all, it has never been like work – quite the opposite… Krow. However, after consultation with the great www (world wide web), it was soon realized that this name was already taken. Since we were nothing like the Krow(s) revealed by the web, we decided that we would simply be “TheOtherKrow”.

Now available for entertainment at private parties, community events, corporate functions, festivals, weddings, clubs / pubs / restaurants, and any other special occasion. Watch for TheOtherKrow coming soon to a venue near you.

For bookings, please contact Cory Colbourne at 613-859-6974 or by email at newfie_bullet@sympatico.ca.